Arloġġ tal-għasfur

Cuckoo clock.

Arloġġ tal-idejn

Or arloġġ tal-polz: Wrist watch.


Arloġġ tal-katina

Pocket watch with a chain attached to it.

Arloġġ tal-kukù

cuckoo clock:  typically a pendulum-regulated clock that strikes the hours with a sound like a common cuckoo’s call and has an automated cuckoo bird that moves with each note. Some move their wings and open/close their beaks while leaning forward, whereas in others, only the bird’s body leans forward. The mechanism to produce the cuckoo call has been in use since the middle of the 18th century and has remained almost without variation until the present.

Arloġġ tal-mażżri

Grandfather clock worked by weights.


Arloġġ tal-pendlu

Pendulum clock.

Arloġġ tal-polz

Or arloġġ tal-idejn: Wrist watch.

Arloġġ tax-xemx




Scale for weighing potatoes, onions etc.

Source: Italian

Plural: Baskuli

Ref: JA


Survey stakes:  markers surveyors use in surveying projects to prepare job sites, mark out property boundaries, and provide information about claims on natural resources like timber and minerals.

Source: Italian

Plural: Biffi

Ref: JA



  1. Balance bar/pole
  2. Balance wheel