Choliamb; Choliambic verse), also known as limping iambs or scazons or halting iambic, is a form of meter in poetry. It is found in both Greek and Latin poetry in the classical period.

Source: Italian

Plural: Koljambi


In poetic metre, a trochee , choree , or choreus, is a metrical foot consisting of a stressed syllable followed by an unstressed one, in English, or a heavy syllable followed by a light one in Latin or Greek. In this respect, a trochee is the reverse of an iamb.

Source: Italian

Plural: Korej


Corydon (Greek Κορύδων Korúdōn, probably related to κόρυδος kórudos “lark”):  is a stock name for a shepherd in ancient Greek pastoral poems and fables, such as the one in Idyll 4 of the Syracusan poet Theocritus (c.310-250 BC).

Source: Greek

Plural: Koridoni


Cretic: a metrical foot containing one short or unstressed syllable between two long or stressed ones

Source: Italian