Taħdita formali ; pronunzja mill-Papa f’konċistorju

English: a formal speech, especially one of an incontrovertible or hortatory nature; a pronouncement delivered by the pope to a secret consistory,especially on a matter of policy or of general importance.

Baram il-kliem

Expression; LT=”Twisted his words” – said of someone who is unclear in his speech, or did not pronounce words properly.


English: Spoke in a way which could not be understood; spoke in an alien tongue; made barr-barr sounds.

Barbàr (barra)

Skond Erin Serracino-Inglott: Tingħad lit-tfal fil-frażi “immorru barbàr”; tfisser Ejja noħorġu!, Barra!

English: According to Erin Serracino-Inglott this exclamation (let’s go to barbàr)  was stated to little children and means “let’s go out!” or simply “outside!”

Sors: Għarbi

Għerq: B-R-R


To declaim, to utter or deliver words in a rhetorical or impassioned way, as if to an audience.

Source: Italian