Antistrophe: A. (Ancient Greek: ἀντιστροφή, “a turning back”) the portion of an ode sung by the chorus in its returning movement from west to east, in response to the strophe, which was sung from east to west. It has the nature of a reply and balances the effect of the strophe. B. was also a kind of ancient dance, wherein dancers stepped sometimes to the right, and sometimes to the left, still doubling their turns or conversions.


Epithalamium (/ˌɛpᵻθəˈleɪmiəm/; Latin form of Greek ἐπιθαλάμιον epithalamion from ἐπί epi “upon,” and θάλαμος thalamos nuptial chamber) is a poem written specifically for the bride on the way to her marital chamber.

Source: Italian

Plural:  Epitalamji