Skond Erin Serracino-Inglott dan huwa: “drapp, imnikket bl-ilwien, ħafif u rqiq, li jiswa l-aktar għall-velijiet u xi lbiesi tan-nisa”

English: A thin and light drape used mostly for veils and certain women’s dresses.

Sors: Għarbi

Għerq: B-R-X


or Batesta

Batiste: a balanced plain weave, a fine cloth made from cotton or linen such as cambric. Batiste was often used as a lining fabric for high-quality garments. Batiste is also used for handkerchiefs (cotton batiste) and lingerie (batiste de soie).

Source: Italian

Plural: Batisti

Ref: JA

Bizzilla taċ-ċombini

Bobbin lace: a lace textile made by braiding and twisting lengths of thread, which are wound on bobbins to manage them. As the work progresses, the weaving is held in place with pins set in a lace pillow, the placement of the pins usually determined by a pattern or pricking pinned on the pillow.


Blonde lace is a continuous bobbin lace from France that is made of silk. The term blonde refers to the natural color of the silk thread.[1] Originally this lace was made with the natural-colored silk, and later in black.

Source: Italian