Mostru, Fatat, Għaġeb ikrah immaġinarju li jbeżżgħu lit-tfal iż-żgħar bih.

English: Traditional ghost / ogre said to scare children

Banda rrabjata

name given to adhoc bands that used to form in carnival time and whose only purpose was to create a din.


Belliegħa (Mostru)

Imaginary monster which dwells in wells, ready to devour anyone who looks down.  Referred to by parents to  ensure that their children stayed away from wells.

Sors: Għarbi

Għerq: B-L-Għ


a) A type of ghost, phantom, cadaver. b) Word that was used by adults to scare children when they were naughty.

Source: Sicilian

Plural: Gadawdi