Aħjar ħobż niexef f’darek milli frisk għand ġarek

Proverb: “It is better to have stale bread at home rather than your neighbour having fresh bread” – in other words, you should only rely on your own things and capabilities than preoccupy yourself with what others have.

B’sold wieħed fil-but ma tagħmilx ħoss!

Proverb: ‘With one coin in the pocket, you won’t make much noise’ – in other words you won’t get far with a little money.

Bil-ħabba l-ħabba tikber u titrabba!

Proverb: ‘one is raised one fathing at a time’ ie. it is important to take care of your money, even if it may seem of little value’.

Bla flus la tgħannaq u lanqas tbus

Proverb: ‘without money you can neither hug nor kiss’ – in other words without money there’s little one can do.

Fin-negozju m’hemmx ħbieb!

Proverb: ‘There are no friends in business’


Il-flus iġibu l-flus u l-qamel iġib il-qamel

Proverb: ‘money begets money and fleas beget fleas’  – note the word qamel in Maltese which means fleas also means miserliness or something of cheap value.


Il-għajta nofs il-bejgħ

Proverb: ‘The yell / cry is half the sale’ – meaning that marketing is just as important as your product.


Ix-xħiħ bħal dbigħ il-ħanżir, il-werrieta ferħana se’ ttir!

Proverb: ‘When a miser dies it is like the slaying of a swine for food, the inheritor is extremely happy!’