Ass denari

Ace of diamonds.

Ass fjuri

Ace of clubs.

Ass koppi

Ace of hearts.

Also known as: Ass kori.

Ass kori

Ace of hearts.

Also known as: Ass koppi.

Ass piki

Ace of spades.

Also known as: Ass piki

Ass spadi

Ace of spades.

Also known as: Ass piki


English: Baccarat

Sors: Franċiż



‘One who in a game of cards refrains from playing a good card reserving it for a better opportunity later on.’

Ref: JA


Term used when playing cards and denotes the restraint of playing the best card as a matter of strategy.

Source: Siciliab

Belladonna (logħba)

Belladonna is a fishing game with 52 cards for 2 players or 4 in partnership. Three-card hands are dealt plus four to the table. When everyone has played their three cards, three more cards each are dealt, and so on until the deck is exhausted . Kings, jacks and queens have no numerical value and can only take other cards of the same type, and there is a bonus (fixxa) for taking the card played by the previous player, and another (stoppa) for clearing the table. Red cards taken count 1 point each for 2 to 9, and 2 each for 10, Q, J, K, A. Black cards are worthless. The bonus for a fixxa or stoppa is 1 point per black card taken and 2 per red card.

Sors: Taljan



Name of a card game.

Sors: Sqalli

Plural: Brixkli

Ċċomba (4)

Played the last card of a certain colour and with the word ‘ċomba’ signaled that he had no more left.



Name given to the queen in a pack of cards.

Source: Italian

Plural: Donon


Faragħun (logħba)

Faro (card game)

Root: F-R-Għ-N



Name given to playing cards which have the figures of kings, queens and jacks.



  1. Token used in games such as roulette
  2. A card in the game of Belladonna
  3. Side of a die that gains a player no points.

Plural: Fixxex