Quoin header: A quoin which serves as a header in the face of a wall and a stretcher in the face of the return wall; Rebate of a steel window.

Source: Sicilian / Italian

Plural: Anċis

Ref: JA


Katina (ġebla)

perpend stone, perpend (parpen, parpend, perpin, and other spellings),through stone, bond stone, or tie stone is a stone that extends through an entire wall’s width, from the outer to the inner wall. Such stones are especially used to lock two wall layers structurally together.

Koxxa (bini)

A. the jamb of a door or window. B. The end part of a squared stone block (Ref: JA)

Root: K-X-X

Plural: Koxox


Kerb, Coping (the top, typically curved or sloping, course of a brick or stone wall).

Kurduna tal-bankina: Kerb

Kurduna tal-ġebel: kerb stone

Plural: Kurduniet

Ref: JA